One Year Decidedly Dry

One. Year.

Not one sip, taste, glass, nada, zip, zero.

Last December I challenged myself to go one whole year without a sip of alcohol. Could it be done? I mean good grief... I’m a mom... living in wine country... in a mommy-wine-culture... oh and just for fun, let’s throw a pandemic on top!

I didn’t identify as someone who had a “problem” or “hit rock bottom”. I just came to a point where I didn’t like how I always turned to wine for everything. Stressed? Wine. Happy? Wine. Celebration? Wine. Successfully got the boys to bed? Wine. See the pattern? So quite honestly, I just wanted to do better. Be better.

What I’ve learned over the past 365 days? Sheesh, this could take all night. But here are the highlights...

-Choosing to be alcohol-free is freaking hard.

-I sleep way better.

-I feel healthier, clear-headed, more patient, creative, and joyful.

-There are SO many other ways to cope with stress.

-It’s actually quite magical waking up every morning feeling good.

-I’ve read to my boys every single night for the past 365 days.

-I’m a better mom, friend, human when wine’s out of the picture.

-I’ve painted, read and been more present than ever before.


Will I ever drink again? Not sure. Forever seems too daunting. I’ll tell ya one thing, I feel like a million bucks right now and why the hell would I want to mess that up? Cheers to 365 days.

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