You're Gonna Miss It.

The dirty fingerprints on the windows,

the missing couch cushions transformed into mighty fort walls,

the never-ending lego war zone,

the sweet faces in the rearview mirror,

the "Mama, come sit by me,"

the "Dad, can you play tag?"

the cuddles,

the mess,

the endless noise,

you're gonna miss it.

It's true that the days feel long,

but the years seem short.

You blink and they've grown.

It seems like yesterday you were Mama,

then suddenly Mommy,

and now Mom.

No one prepares you for these sudden transitions,

and when you pause to acknowledge the change,

you suddenly mourn the closed chapter.

So, to the parent glued to their phone,

mindlessly scrolling,

casually playing some pointless game,

getting lost in the depressing news,

all while your son begs you to look at something,

you're gonna miss it.

To the parent hiding in the kitchen,

topping off their wine glass, again,



consuming what they think they "deserve",

all while your daughter is asking you to come play,

you're gonna miss it.

To the parent who's stressed,

obsessive about making more money,

always dissatisfied with their job,

all while the job is good, the bills are paid,

the roof is strong, and the bellies are full,

you're gonna miss it.

To the parent who places value on the number on the scale,

who doesn't get in the water with their kids because of the dreaded swimsuit,

who passes on the cake at a birthday,

who crops themselves out of photos,

who speaks poorly about themselves in front of little ears,

you're gonna miss it.

To the parent who loathes bedtime,

because Lord do we know they ain't gonna sleep.

Someone is dying of thirst or starving,

they won't brush their teeth,

the stuffed animal you donated to Goodwill last week is now being asked for,

it's too dark,

it's too cold,

there's a weird noise,

"Can you lay with me?",

"I'm not tired",

you're gonna miss it.

When we're in the moment and I mean really, really in the moment,

it's hard to see how much we'll miss it.

But coming from someone who is genuinely

trying their best to soak it all up,

I'm already missing it.

The thought of an eerily quiet home,

an empty car,

the pitter patter of feet running down the hall,

the morning snuggles,

even the quick glance back to see if Mom saw what happened,

brings instant tears to my face and tugs on my heart,

because I already feel like it's going too fast.

Deciding to remove alcohol may seem crazy to some,

it may not make sense,

might sound ridiculous.

But for me,

it was like being given a front row ticket to my life.

The best seat in the house,

with the best view,

the clearest sound,

and the one where I'll without a doubt

be able to soak up every moment.

It might go fast,

but I'm so damn grateful that I'm here for it.

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