Dear Exhausted, Sober Mom...

If you're reading this it must mean you're craving a drink. You're hearing that voice that tells you it's okay to just have one. It's trying everything from: you're a grown adult, you deserve it, wine is the crutch of motherhood, no one will even know you had it.

Or maybe that voice isn't even chiming in and you're just feeling utterly overwhelmed. It could be stress, frustration, sadness, grief, happiness, boredom. Whatever it is, we can almost always come up with a reason to drink.

But do me a favor? Don't. Don't drink. Don't even consider it. You've worked too damn hard to get where you are today and starting over will most certainly crush you. Take a moment and think about how much better of a mom you are when you're NOT drinking. You're a better wife, friend, daughter, human, when you're NOT drinking. You sleep better, feel better, look better, do better and ARE better without it. You stopped drinking for a reason and this feeling that you are experiencing in this moment, while it feels big and scary, I have great news... it's temporary. Read that again, it is temporary.

So whatever it is you're going through in this moment, breathe.

Sobriety is the best thing you've ever given yourself. I promise that when this moment passes and you wake in the morning, you'll be so incredibly proud of yourself for staying sober.



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