Decidedly Dry

Decidedly Dry is an inspiring community of sober curious women who are interested in exploring what life’s like beyond the wine bottle.

This is a place where we come together. A place to connect, to share and to learn from one another’s experiences.

I know I can bring a lot to the table on this ever-growing movement,

 and it sure as hell isn’t a glass of wine.

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 Featured On 

Prevention Magazine

Jess shares how Covid-19 has had an impact on her sober journey.

Recovery Happy Hour Podcast

On this episode, Tricia and Jess dive into the problematic mommy-wine-culture, Jess's journey,  the positive world of sobriety, and more!

Love What Matters Article

"When people asked me for gift ideas, I'd smile and say, 'Just wine and diapers!' How else could I unwind?" Read more about my story...

Member Host of the

Sober Mom Squad

A community just for sober moms. Jess serves as a member host  for this amazing, supportive, and judgement-free group.


"My recovery has been enhanced tremendously by writing in my Decidedly Dry journal every morning. Not only am I releasing what subconsciously permeates my thought patterns, I am inspired by the daily questions and quotes that help me navigate through sobriety with an elevated state of mind."

Jessica Landon / CA

"I've been sober for almost three years and writing/journaling have been powerful recovery tools for me. Even as someone with an established writing practice, I've found the Decidedly Dry journal to be SO helpful with organizing my thoughts and helping me put my feelings down on paper. The setup is simple and powerful. I can't say enough good things about it and I'm looking forward to using it more in the future as part of my recovery toolbox."

Anna / Boston, MA

"A beautiful journal! Changing a person’s relationship with alcohol can be quite the task- but having a place to write your thoughts, emotions, or just have a nice “brain dump” is wildly helpful for a mom like me! Thank you for a wonderful little side kick on my sobriety journey!"

Jes / Carterville, IL

"I’m so happy with this purchase. It’s exactly what I needed. I resonate with feeling like every other journal out there is dim, unexciting, and the furthest from vibrant and exciting! I can’t wait to fill out more pages."

Stephanie / Atlanta, GA