500 Days.

To celebrate 500 days of living alcohol-free I finally got the tattoo I’ve been dying to get. Here’s the meaning behind the details...

“Luckiest”: Inspired by Laura McKowen’s book, We are the Luckiest. She writes, “One night in the fall of 2014, I was lying next to my sleeping daughter, crying. About what, I don’t know—everything was at the surface then. After a year of starts and stops, I had finally, unbelievably, put together thirty consecutive days of sobriety. It didn’t feel like much; I had so little faith in my ability to stay the course. But I was there. I was there, with her, in our clean, soft sheets with the cool air on my face. Sober. Awake. Not running. Not hiding. I was in pain, but I knew it was the pain of being alive and that this meant something. I was living, not dying. I was expanding, not destroying. I knew it was pain with purpose and that—if I stayed with it—it would take me to the place I’d been trying to go all along, which was closer to life, not further away. I knew it was a gift—that it was the gift. I thought, this is the hardest, but it is better. The magic is in here, not out there. They’re not the lucky ones, I am. We are. We are the luckiest.”

The Arrow: Generally, an arrow symbolizes life’s journeys, courage, a new start, or triumph. It can mean you have the power to defend yourself as well as your loved ones around you.

The Feather: A feather arrow usually means triumph over a battle and independence as a result of it.

The Dotted Circle: The circle can represent the power of the female, a symbol for a goddess, and the sun. The circle can symbolize Mother Earth. It represents the spirit of feminine energy and a space that is sacred. The circle wrapped around an arrow signifies family ties, closeness, and protection.

The 4 Circles on the Arrow: 4 people in my sweet family.

May it forever remind me of the beautiful, always rewarding, and empowering choice it is to be Decidedly Dry.

xo, Jess

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