Sober in Wine Country

I'm Jess. I'm a Mom of two boys. I live in a mommy-wine-culture... smack dab in wine country. Sober. For years I felt like I was living two different lives. By day, I was the fitness enthusiast, protein shake drinking Mom that inspired her clients to live their very best lives. But once the clock hit 5pm, the cork was popped, the glass was full and Mom was checking out. This constant back and forth between fit Mom and wine Mom became utterly exhausting. The conversations I was having in my head became repetitive and I found myself becoming more and more sober curious.

I don't necessarily feel like I hit rock bottom. There were no handcuffs, no rehab, no DUI. In fact, if you would've asked my family and friends, I doubt they would've said I had a "problem" with alcohol. I was just drinking wine like everyone else, right? I drank to celebrate, to chill out, to relax. I drank when I was happy, I drank when I was sad. I drank when I was stressed, tired, joyful, the list goes on and on. But after years of Sober October's, Dry January's, week long breaks, resets, and those exhausting conversations in my head, I finally said, "ENOUGH". Alcohol wasn't serving me and I hated the way it was showing up in my life.

My journey hasn't been perfect, far from it, but I've learned from every challenge and have come out stronger than before. The biggest thing I've learned so far? We're not alone sister. There are so many struggling and questioning their relationship with alcohol, tossing around the idea of quitting, wishing they had someone to talk to. Well guess what? You've found someone to talk to. You have me.

This blog is going to be a place for me to document my sober journey. A place to unload. To breathe. I promise to keep it real, keep it honest, raw and perhaps even inspire you to see how beautiful life is beyond the wine bottle.

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