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 A sober podcast where we actually focus on the GOOD.

Decidedly Dry is a positive, uplifting, sober podcast where we focus on the good.  Hosted by Jess, a coffee-slurping, messy bun wearing, boy-mom who strives to keep it real and bring a smile to your face. What'll you find here? Hopefully more than a few dashes of entertainment, a lot of DRY humor, and plenty of

real conversations. 

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It's no secret that podcasting takes a lot of time and dedication. This one woman team, part-time librarian, and full-time mama is determined to deliver inspiring, authentic, and relatable content for this ever-growing sober community. That being said, I'll be devoting a percentage of my time to this show. So if you'd like to buy me a cup of coffee or simply donate to keep this project rollin', click the link below. Your generosity means more than you know.

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