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Well Hiya, Sweet Friend!!

I'm Jess. Mom of two active, adventurous and loving boys. I live in a present-day "mommy-wine-culture"... smack dab in wine country and I'm doing it sober. I know I can bring a lot to the table on this ever-growing sober movement... and it sure as hell isn’t a glass of wine.

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My Story

For years I felt like I was living two different lives. By day, I was the fitness enthusiast, protein shake drinking Mom who inspired her clients to live their very best lives. But once the clock hit 5 o'clock, the cork was popped, the glass was full and Mom was checking out. This constant back and forth between fit Mom and wine Mom became utterly exhausting. The conversation I was having in my head became repetitive and I found myself questioning my relationship with alcohol more and more. But were there people out there who actually didn't drink? Were there moms who seriously didn't reward themselves with a glass of wine (or two, or three...) at the end of the day? Turns out there were a lot of them.

So I decided to break up with my old friend wine, began educating myself about this so-called sober movement, wrapped myself in a blanket of supportive, inspiring like-minded women, and jumped in with both feet.

My journey hasn't been perfect, far from it, but I've learned from every challenge and have come out stronger than before. Like me, there are so many women struggling, questioning their relationship with alcohol, tossing around the idea of quitting, wishing they had someone to talk to. The biggest thing I've learned so far? We're not alone, sister. This conversation is becoming a thing.

Whether you're sober curious, trying to remove alcohol, or are already sober, my hope is that Decidedly Dry will provide women with a safe, welcoming space that can bring inspiration, joy, and a sense of belonging. Together we can reinvent self-care, honor our bodies, love our families, and actually feel alive in this one beautiful adventure we call life. 

All my love sister, Jess

A Few of my Favorite Things...

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